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Mixed Dry Recycling  by Edwards Recycling and Waste Management

Mixed Dry Recycling is a process for collecting materials, which are sent to material recycling facilities, so they can be used again. These materials usually include paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and glass. Sometimes green waste, food waste and textiles can be recycled and reused again. 
Edwards Recycling and Waste Management provide a wide range of collecting services, arranged in order to fit the requirements of our customers. This not only makes the waste management of a certain household or a company easier, but also helps to improve the recycling performances and to save the environment, because our future is important!

Being in business for many years, here at Edwards Recycling and Waste Management we have established reliable relationships with our clients from London and the surrounding counties. Our quality services are dedicated to enabling our clients with the best waste disposal solution and to recycle for our future!

Edwards Recycling is one of the leading waste management companies in London and the surrounding counties (incl. Essex, Kent, Herts). Millions of tomes of waste are disposed in our MRF (material recycling facility) each year. We enable our customers with a solution for easy waste management and therefore we contribute to the environment. 

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You can also take advantage on some of our other services such as wait and load service, wheelie bin hire, roll-on/roll-off services, cages and collection services including the curtain-sider moffet collection. 

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