Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Edwards Recycling provides a wide variety of resource and waste management services to businesses in and around London specialising in the collection and recycling of waste materials and provision of storage and compaction equipment. We believe that sustainable development is a fundamental aspect of business management and continuity and are committed to instigate and maintain best environmental practices. We will do so by implementing and maintaining an environmental management system compliant with the international standard ISO14001:2015.

Our Policy sets out our approach to pollution prevention by managing our environmental risks and impacts and promoting a continuous improvement culture among internal staff and our business partners.

We are committed to:

  • Comply and, where practicable, exceed all legal requirements associated with our businesses, and other requirements such pollution prevention guidelines, Best Available Technology guidance, and safe operating practice. We will prevent pollution and ill health, and minimise accidents and incidents, whilst continually improving our performance.
  • Regularly monitor and review performance and set clear objectives to ensure continual improvement.
  • We will identify the risks and opportunities relevant to the business and continue to monitor these on a regular basis.
  • Work with our business partners and suppliers to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment by engaging them in the same principles set by this policy.
  • Raise environmental awareness within the company through the development and training of our employees.
  • Promote and encourage waste awareness and prevention, re-use, recycling and good practice.
  • We will endeavour to assess the life cycle perspective of our activities, products and services from raw material acquisition through to transportation and final disposal.

Top Management will review this policy and our system on an annual basis and use the results of this review to set objectives and targets for improvement of our performance within the scope of our management system. Our Policy is communicated to all within the organisation and available to any party on request, with all encouraged to participate in continual improvement of our Business Management System.

Approved on the 10th March 2023
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