Curtain-Sider with moffet collection

Curtain-sider with Moffet Collection by Edwards Recycling and Waste Management

Edwards have 2 types of Lorry capable of doing moffett collections , we can send in a Rigid 32ton vehicle for loads up to 10ton and an Articulated Vehicle for larger loads up to 26ton. The Rigid Lorry is designed for those awkward jobs in London that an Articulated Lorry would have trouble in, the height of this vehicle requires a height clearance of 16ft or 5 mtr. Contact us now to arrange a curtain-sider with moffet collection.
We strive to provide our customers with a consistently high quality level of service and solutions to fit their needs. This is displayed not only by the efficient way in which a contract is handled but also in the ability of Edwards Recycling and Waste management  to move with the customer’s requirements.

Edwards recycling and waste management provide  a total waste management service by incorporating a range of best practice waste management, recycling and environmental services. 

You can also take advantage on some of our other services such as wait and load service, wheelie bin hire, roll-on/roll-off services, cages and collection Our MRF (Material Recycling Facility) can take any dry mixed recyclables. 

Edwards recycling and waste management is a responsible recycling company and we aim at helping customers reduce landfill charges and ensure legislative compliance. We are constantly searching for new methods of recycling as uses are found for more and more materials after their first intended life. Our new MRF (material recycling facility) enables us to recycle nearly 30,000 tons of mixed recyclables each year. We serve London and the surrounding counties such as Essex, Kent and Herts

Contact us and we will find an easy way to manage your waste disposal. 

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